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A spa pool is a significant investment, so you need to be sure you’re buying something that will provide hours of pleasure and not be a financial burden. Here are some key points to consider when buying:

1. Where is the spa pool going to be situated?

This will determine the size of the pool that you buy. You’ll want it to be easily accessible, but also easy to secure against unauthorised or unsupervised use.

2. What is your primary use for the spa pool likely to be?

Whether it’s for relaxation, to relieve fitness issues, or a mixture of both, you’ll need to consider usage factors when deciding on the features you want. This is crucial when deciding what you can afford.

3. What is the best system for water care?

The three most common water care options are chlorine, ozone, and salt water sanitation. Be sure the experts explain to you just how much effort is required on your part to keep your spa pool in optimum working condition.

4. How does filtration work?

Again, you need expert advice on how to keep the water in your spa pool clean. The filtration system should be easy for you to access and service without having to call a technician.

5. Is the pool energy-efficient?

Operating a spa pool can cost between $6 and $10 a week, depending on local electricity prices, weather conditions and the range of features. Proper insulation, an effective cover, as well as efficient heaters and water pumps, are all important in keeping power bills down.

6. Is the dealer reputable?

Be sure to check out any dealer’s history for their experience and customer service record. Don’t just buy from the first dealer you visit – be sure to check out the market, look for customer reviews, and where possible, try the pool out for yourself.

7. Avoid the DIY option

Certified dealers know all the electrical and plumbing requirements. Let them do the installation, and carefully read what’s in the warranty.

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